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Law Strategies: Independent Experts for Legal Project Management

Providing bespoke solutions on
complicated projects.

We use our legal experience to identify commercial issues, and our
negotiation and project management skills to resolve them. Often this
entails organising the work of a multi-disciplinary team.

How We Work

We identify the key commercial and other drivers, enabling us to
structure and negotiate deals appropriately.

Our Services

Term contracts require the parties to understand and commit to the key principles.


  • Petroleum
  • Mining
  • Infrastructure

Types of Agreements:

  • JV’s and Partnerships
  • Partnering/Alliances
  • Construction
  • Contract Operating Arrangements
  • Off-take
  • Lifting and Balancing Agreements

Providing certainty and transparency in the provision of professional services.
  • Scope definition
  • Allocation of resources
  • Reports against the Project Execution Plan
  • Managing variations

Buy Side – Helping corporate clients to:

  • Tender for work
  • Agree a PEP
  • Administer the contract

Sell Side – Helping law firms to:

  • Respond to tenders
  • Prepare PEP’s
  • Implement LPM long-term

Managing and Resolving Issues
  • Issues Analysis
  • Peer Review
  • Strategic Workshops
  • Negotiation
  • Mediation

Rapid, inexpensive resolution of JV operational disputes

Panel of Independent experts:

  • Legal, accounting, technical, IT
  • Familiar with common forms of JV docs e.g. AIPN, AMPLA

Clear Procedures:

  • Confidential
  • Fair and independent
  • Short time frame

Working with clients across the world

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