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is the fuel that
allows common
people to achieve
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How We Work

Our strength is in breaking the complicated down to the simple. We do this by assembling teams of like-minded professionals who use our methodology to identify all of the issues which will arise in implementing the entire project.

Our methodology allows us to map what must be done, when, by whom and what it will all cost. This methodology relies heavily on listening and identifying commercial drivers.

We strive to provide certainty in an uncertain world. We cannot guarantee outcomes but our methodology provides certainty of process through combining innovation with discipline. Part of this is providing certainty as to what the work will cost.

Precedents, experience and existing knowledge are of course valuable. But they can lure the professional into the trap of looking backwards, denying opportunities to achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness.

We believe it is impossible for the parties to a commercial negotiation to commit to a deal unless they fully understand the key principles. In most commercial negotiations there is a tendency to draft agreements too early and the negotiation then tends to focus on the words instead of the fundamental principles. Therefore we prepare “abstracts” of all documents as negotiating vehicles. When the principles are developed and agreed these can easily be converted into full drafts written in plain English.