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David Maistner

Law Strategies

is most often consulted on unique and complicated projects or transactions which do not fit into a pre-conceived mould. Often our work involves “climbing the mountain” with the client to the point where we can both get an overview of all the elements necessary to make the project a reality. Typically we are consulted at the front-end or pre-feasibility stage.

We are forward looking in that we plan and implement projects and new relationships. Our extensive experience in cross-border transactions has made us sensitive to cultural issues.

The services we provide and the sectors we service are:

• Greenfield/Brownfield projects
• Joint ventures & partnerships
• Partnering/Alliancing
• Off-take contracts
• International Trade
• Construction Agreements
• BOO & BOOT schemes
• Acquisitions & divestments
• Project finance
• Commercial disputes
• Issues Management
• Facilitation
• Training
• Upstream Petroleum
• Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)
• Mining
• Coal Bed Methane
• Electricity
• Commercial Property
• Shipping
• Infrastructure