<< In any field of
human endeavour,
90% of people are
technicians and
only 10% are
managers >>

Stephen Taylor

Law Strategies

is an international strategic consultancy which manages the legal and commercial aspects of complex projects and transactions, particularly in petroleum, mining and infrastructure.

We use our legal experience to identify commercial issues and our negotiation and project management skills to resolve them. Often this entails organising the work of a multi-disciplinary team.

We do not just give advice; we solve problems. Human beings are constantly confronted by problems that require solving and it is an immense relief to most people to be able to delegate solving the problem to someone else. This involves accepting responsibility and making clear recommendations to the client. The reality is that if the work plan is not designed to progress the objectives of the client then no value has been added.

Most professional advisers are knowledge based; Law Strategies places just as much emphasis on attitude and skills, such as listening, problem solving, project management, negotiating and lateral thinking. We believe that blind reliance on standard form precedents is not conducive to deep thought.

Our clients include Government-owned corporations, oil majors and listed companies. In the last 3 years we have been engaged on projects worth over $10 billion in Australasia, the Sub-continent, the Middle East, Africa, South America and Europe.