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it is too difficult
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bureaucracy to be
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Paul Anderson

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Law Strategies a law firm?

No, although the key personnel are lawyers, Law Strategies practises as a consultancy, not a law firm. Often clients ask us to manage the work of law firms on major projects. The majority of our time is spent on structuring, negotiation, issues and risk management, and drafting on major projects. Because we are forward looking, we do not conduct litigation which involves apportioning blame to past events. We undertake mediation on behalf of clients because it is a constructive, forward-looking exercise consistent with our business.

How do you best describe what you do?

We are commercial consultants who:

• structure, negotiate and document major projects and transactions
• provide strategic advice to energy clients
• act as facilitators for commercial workshops and mediations

What types of clients does Law Strategies act for?

Most of our clients are multinationals and publicly-listed companies. But we are also engaged by government-owned companies and closely held corporations.

When would we use Law Strategies?

Most commonly we are brought in at the conceptual stage of projects to identify the key issues and drivers, and advise on potential structures for the deal and on the contractual matrix. We also prepare terms sheets or “abstracts” as a basis for the efficient negotiation of these agreements.

How does Law Strategies charge?

We charge what we believe the work is worth to the client and, where appropriate, success fees. Although we do work for some clients on a time-costing basis, we believe that time costing tends to reward inefficiency. Because we project manage all our work it is executed in a focused, efficient manner. Those who cling to hourly rates often have no confidence in their ability to achieve a valuable result.