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Charles Francis Kettering

Case Studies

We have been engaged on dozens of major projects around the world, but we offer the following selection of our work:

• Worsley Alumina Project

In July, 2000 we were engaged to manage a due diligence team on behalf of a bidder for a major interest in the Worsley Alumina refinery in Western Australia. We successfully managed a multi-disciplinary team of 35 professionals and prepared a comprehensive report, which we then had to convert into economic models, a bid and sale agreement, all within a very tight timeframe.

• Bayu-Undan LNG project

We provided specialist LNG advice on the off-take agreement (SPA), joint venture arrangements, process licence and construction agreements, then provided commercial sign-off to 2 of the participants in the Bayu-Undan LNG project, a US$2 billion project in Northern Australia.

• Bangladesh Shipping Dispute

We were engaged to help untangle a commercial and political imbroglio which resulted in a ship loaded with fertiliser being stranded in Chittagong Harbour for over a year. A multiplicity of parties and lawyers resulted in plenty of fees but no progress. In desperation the client, a multinational for whom we had not acted before, asked us for some “law strategies”. By identifying the issues confronting the stakeholders and the relevant pressure points, we were able to provide a strategy that enabled the client to resolve the dispute on commercially favourable terms and avoid expensive Court proceedings in London.

• Indian LNG Receiving Facility

Indigas was a joint venture consisting of TOTAL Elf Fina, the TATA Group and the Gas Authority of India. It proposed building a US$420 million liquefied natural gas receiving and regasification facility in Mumbai, India. We were responsible for the structuring of the project, identification of risks, establishment of positions, and preparation and negotiation of term sheets including joint venture arrangements, construction contracts, gas purchase and shipping, gas sales (for reticulation in India), infrastructure usage and project financing. Unfortunately, this project did not proceed due to political and economic uncertainties.

• Other examples of mining, infrastructure and petroleum projects that we have undertaken and details of referees are available on request